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Wherever your solar panels are located, we’ll keep them in top condition.

Lighthouse Window Cleaning uses the latest technology in pure water systems, which means your solar panels won’t only be clean—they’ll be well maintained so they work at peak performance for years to come.
A dirty solar panel can lose as much as up to 50% of its energy production. The money you lose by allowing dirt to collect on your panels is far greater than the cost to hire a professional cleaning company to maintain them.

Our friendly and experienced solar panel cleaning staff specialize in cleaning and protecting your residential or commercial investment—without the use of detergents, harmful chemicals, or abrasive materials.

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Rain may clear your solar panels temporarily, but it doesn’t wash away the dust, dirt and bird droppings that build up on your panels, affecting the entire system and reducing its effectiveness.

Solar panel cleaning is essential to keeping your equipment functioning properly.

Lighthouse Window Cleaning provides full solar panel cleaning services to homeowners and businesses throughout the Greater Denver area. We can handle up to 100,000 panels at solar farms too!
"Although the efficiency of the PV system has increased through many improvements, there are environmental and natural factors such as the deposition of soil, salt, bird droppings, snow, etc., on the PV module surfaces that can result in inefficiency in the performance of such systems.".
- Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews

Safe and Effective Solar Panel Cleaning

100% pure deionized water means there are no chemicals or detergents left on your glass panels or metal frames. The result is a safe, thorough wash that leaves your panels clear and fully available to catch every bit of the sun’s energy.

Let Lighthouse Window Cleaning ensure you’re getting the most from the solar panels on your home or business. Call or email us today to get your free solar panel cleaning quote.

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