Important Tools Industrial Window Cleaners Use For A Spotless Cleaning

Found your industrial windows to be a little grubby? Maybe, it’s probably because you gave your window cleaning long ago. But before you start your search for your kitchen cloth and some dishwashing liquid, think twice if you’re doing right. The windows of your industrial property not only improve the comfort of occupants inside, the overall appearance of the building but also exhibit how you consider your work in the eyes of your clients and delegates. 

The finish you expect once the cleaning is done can never be achieved without industrial window cleaners, for sure. The way you don’t ask the pump attendant to fill diesel in your petrol car, then why do a work which may be hazardous for you and you might use some wrong cleansers. When it comes to industrial window cleaning, it demands proper tools and equipment for effective and better cleaning. 

Discover more about the equipment and tools your industrial window cleaning team will apply on your industrial & commercial building or high rise to make it again crystally clean and elegant.

Tools And Equipment A Professional Of Excellent Cleaning Service Always Have 


A squeegee is a regular and high-quality sturdy cleaning tool having a rubber blade on the handle. Cleaners employ it to wipe off the moisture (water) from glass, and considering the fact that the rubber is flexible, it can get relieved of all the water, leaving the window glass dry and streak-free. Squeegees come in diverse lengths and sizes, which means they are used according to the undertaking (large squeegee for big windows and small squeegee for normal-sized windows).


Scrubbers, seldomly called sleeves, are fabric cylinders that are able to fit over a squeegee and are used to spread water and cleaning solution over the glass evenly for a more clean finish. Since the cleaning team uses it with other tools, they save space and time for cleaners and simplify cleaning. The microfiber scrubbers that professional industrial window cleaners make use of can clean even the resisting dirt and grime from the outside window surface.

Towels And Sponges

Additional cleaning implements such as towels and sponges come in handy to the industrial window cleaning team for eliminating the water and cleaning solution that accumulates throughout window panes and may be perverse for the squeegees to get relieved of. They can likewise be archetypal for scrubbing off difficult-to-eliminate dirt and spots from bugs and birds. The premium fabric of towels and sponges lets them last up to multiple cleanings.

Holsters And Belts

Professional industrial window cleaning teams like us have a way to carry all of the requisite tools on-site. Holsters and belts enable cleaners to carry their tools tied around their waist, efficiently organized to reach all the tools they require, whether they’re cleaning the industrial property’s front doors or the windows on the nineteenth floor. Holsters can be adjusted to fit any tool snugly, ensuring that they stay unharmed no matter the height the expert has to scale.

Safety Goggles And Glasses

When industrial window cleaners wipe the exterior windows, they remain exposed to wind and sun. They are also exposed to some of the harsh cleaning solutions that they apply to the windows. Though at Lighthouse, we use green products to clean the windows! Glasses and goggles can shield your eyes from the trash that could get in via the wind or accidentally. Safety measures are significant for harmonious cleaning.

Ropes And Harnesses

The window cleaning team is called to clean even the highest of the industrial buildings. When using the lift is impossible to reach parts of a building, cleaners rely on ropes & harnesses. Professionals are equipped with strong, durable, and reliable ropes and harnesses to keep the cleaners safe. Furthermore, they also have roof rigs that hold them steady as they proceed on working.

Seat Boards

Seat boards are an alternative to utilizing lifts while high-rise cleanings. Rather than using a harness or a rope, a seat board can provide a sturdy seat for professionals to rely on as they work. They come in a variety of measurements, making them a versatile choice of a range of industrial window cleaners. A few cleaners prefer them over harnesses or ropes.

Safety Tools

Safety tools such as descenders, ascenders, rope grabs, safety lanyards, carabiners, suction cups, and helmets may be smaller but are vital. The window cleaning may also install safety cones, signs, and tape to let passersby know they’re working. Even these tiny safety tools can protect them and let them do their work, protecting others.

The Bottom Line!

Being an A+ excellent cleaning service provider in Centennial, CO, Lighthouse offers full window cleaning services in this area and beyond. Call us today for industrial window services. We practice high-quality equipment and tools to get the job accomplished. To know more about our work and information, contact us!